Dating a korean girl tips

Although not every girl is the same and these are just some generalizations, here are some surprising Korean dating rules you need to know.

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You need deep pockets if you want to bag a Korean girl. This is just the norm for her society.

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From the get-go, Korean couples go all out and make an external display of their togetherness. Get yourselves a pair of rings, worn on the 4th finger yep! You read that right. These are couple rings like promise rings and are worn pretty early on in the relationship. But with a Korean girl, you need to observe a day rule.

10 Tips of How to Date a Korean Girl - Lovely Pandas

So take it slow. Maybe even glue your phone permanently to your hand.

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  8. You need to maintain much more contact than just one phone call a day. Korean couples use kakaotalk messenger or similar apps to keep each other updated non-stop. So if you are keen to impress your Korean girlfriend, make you dress well for a date.

    And if you can discuss fashion and trends, she will love you the more for it since Korean guys are not really into this sort of thing. And yet for all their love of fashion not all Korean women have the same preferences in male appearance - some Korean women might be into the Korean boy band look and some will be into the more Westernized style. Conversation is key Most Korean women are very inquisitive about new men who come into their lives. They love to chat with them and find out more about them, especially if their dates happen to be foreign men.

    And yet women here can quickly get distracted. If your date is asking all the questions and she sees that you having trouble opening up, she could lose interest and move on to the next guy who seems more animated.

    So You Want to Date a Korean Girl

    So if you are the strong and silent type, you may have to learn to loosen up when dating Korean women. Have a few things ready to say about yourself so that they can have a quick idea about the kind of person they are dating. For instance, take three interesting things you know about yourself and use it in conversations. Maybe you are dreaming of skydiving one day.

    Tips for Dating Korean Girls

    Or perhaps you are a guitar player or an artist. It is best to choose certain aspects of personality to highlight not only to make conversations easy but also to help them figure you out fast. Indulge her imagination One of the biggest influences in Korean popular culture is the Korean drama; these are actually TV dramas telecast in a miniseries format. In Asia, these have not only been thought to create the Korean Wave but have also proved to immensely popular in other cultures like the Middle East and Latin America.

    Most Korean women are followers of popular dramas as a result of which they often adopt notions of love and romance from them.

    10 types of Korean girls you will have a crush on

    Some dream of even starring in their own personal drama and for the purpose they may create actual situations to have that starring role. In all this, a partner in real life comes to play a significant part. While this may seem far-fetched to a man of another culture, be sensitive to such notions when dating Korean girls.

    For all you know, you may be her vacation away from reality.