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Are we being too choosy about the people we meet in church or ministry, writing them off without giving them a chance? These are honest questions I had to ask myself.

Here's a look at some Christian Singles Meetups happening near Singapore.

I still prefer meeting and interacting with new friends face-to-face. Though I am just as likely to base my first judgements on appearance, interacting in person gives me an opportunity to observe their character and personality too. If you have answered the questions above and found peace in using dating apps, ask God for wisdom to discern the truth from the lies, and be committed to conduct yourself in a worthy and authentic manner James 1: Involve your family and trusted friends in the process — that allows you to observe how the other person interacts with people and also hear honest opinions about him or her.

These are just some principles I would keep in mind if I were ever to use dating apps. We can trust that He will guide our search, whether online or off.

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To Use or Not to Use? What am I comfortable with? What if I were to use dating apps? Did you find the read helpful? Friendship with Jesus Devotional: Why did Jesus raise Lazarus? The office is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9am to 5. I love nature, the sun, the sea, the sky.

I also love travel, Music, movie, food. I have soft spot for elderly. My dream is to house as many pitiful elderly as possible.

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Goal in my life is to give happiness to other. I work out several times a week and keep a healthy lifestyle. God is a good God. He endowed me with wonderfu strengths and weakness that made me what I am today. I am a child of the Most High God and will trust in His ways more than my own understanding. I am the righteousness of God thru Christ and I want to devote my time praising Him and learning more about Him. I am Shun and my baptism name is Israel.

I find myself many similarities with the patriarch Jacob Israel. An imperfect guy saved and loved by Grace Himself. I enjoy fellowshipping and was very active in Church.

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However, I stopped attending church one day and when through a difficult season in my life I will share with you I made a career switch to sailing partly not totally because I was running away. But God never left me.

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Just like Jonah, I exprience his love in the storm. I can't say I love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. BUT, I am very sure He love me his. Simple and Faithful woman of God,caring and joyful Want to serve God with you. Love to go mission and share the love of God I believed that Physical intimacy without marraige is SIN so don't be hypocritical in saying your a Christian but never follow what Gods word saying. I would rather judge man rather than be judge by God. You're from the dust and to dust you shall comeback so don't be so proud of yourself who you are because in the eyes of God your like a filty rugs without Jesus your in hell.

But because of God's grace youve been save.. Be humble enough because the land that your wal.

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Looking for a marriage partner who has the same faith and beliefs as mine. So what are my faith and beliefs just see below.